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sticky bra
sticky bra
sticky bra strapless backless
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sticky bra strapless backless
sticky bra

Self-Adhesive Strapless Backless Bra

Regular price $25.00

Self-adhesive strapless and backless bra with wings for support and comfort! Perfect for off the shoulder, revealing, and backless outfits.

*Model in black bra is a size 34C.

*Model in beige bra is a size 34B.


  • Adhesive on the wings and the bottom of the cups to prevent the bra from slipping or falling down
  • Hidden padded wire to support and lift your breasts
  • Lightly padded cups for those looking for more shape
  • When washed after each use and taken care of, the adhesive can last up to 20 wears.


  • 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex
  • Adhesive: 100% Polyolefin Gel


  • A cup: 32-34A
  • B cup: 32-34B
  • C cup: 32-34C

Before use 

  • Take a shower before using this bra for best results. Removing body oil from skin is most important
  • Do not use moisturizers, perfumes, or powders near the chest area prior to use, as this will reduce the efficacy of the adhesive
  • Avoid placing objects in contact with the adhesive since dirt, fibers, dust, etc will make the adhesive less effective.
  • Make sure your chest area is clean and dry     


  • Always wash your self-adhesive bra to remove body oil or residue that may clog the surface of the adhesion. 
  • Hand wash the adhesive bra under warm water with a mild soap. Gently move your fingers in a circular motion to clean the adhesive.
  • Let air dry sticky-side up. Once dry, use the plastic films to protect the adhesive  

Caution: Do not use on open wounds, skin disorders, or sunburned skin. Stop using it if signs or irritations or rash appears. This bra is not intended to replace your daily bra.