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Our Story

FAYVORI, a derivative of 'favourite' in French, is an online undergarment store based in Vancouver, BC. We provide comfortable and functional wireless bras and self-adhesive bras at affordable prices. Say bye to falling bra straps, bra marks, and irritating wires!

What motivated you to start FAYVORI?

female canadian entrepreneur                                   

It is extremely difficult to find a comfortable bra. Majority of the bras have wires that irritate the skin, straps that keep falling off, and a constrictive waistband. With our bras, I didn't feel like I was wearing anything! After a year of wear, I wondered if other girls had the same “brablems” as me. I did some market research on my friends and coworkers and discovered the majority were not happy with their bras. For those who were happy, their bras cost upward of $100. I started giving samples to my friends and coworkers. They love these bras just as much as I do. I hope I can help others discover a new level of comfort. 



Megan, Founder

Our Values


It is difficult to enjoy every life experience when we are constantly adjusting our undergarments. From falling bra straps to shifting cups, secret adjustments have been a fact-of-life. Don’t forget about bra marks at the end of the day or wires that irritate the skin. We at FAYVORI are here to help make life so much easier with our unique, seamless, and underwire-free bras.  You can now focus on everyday tasks and move around freely without worrying about your undergarments. You deserve to be comfortable!



Not only are our bras tasteful, comfortable, and easy-to-wear, they are also very functional for every style. Gone are clear bra straps digging into your skin, as well as visible bra lines. With FAYVORI’s range of bras, you can buy any top or dress without hesitation. From off-the-shoulder to deep-plunging, we have a style that fits you.


Another common problem are low cut socks that don’t stay on your feet. It is frustrating, annoying, and a distraction. FAYVORI has the perfect non-slip, low cut socks for you! For those with sweaty feet, the cotton in the socks absorb the sweat leaving you odour-free.


We believe an essential piece of wardrobe should be affordable without sacrificing quality and style.