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Finding a Comfortable Bra

I wear a size 34B and it was difficult to find a comfortable bra. I went to all the lingerie stores at Metrotown Mall- Victoria Secret, La Senza, Aerie, La Vie En Rose, Uniqlo and I came out empty handed. 

The common problems I came across

  • Bra gaps: Because my right breast is smaller than my left breast, there was a gap in the cup which showed through the t-shirt.
  • Too tight/too loose: The sizes did not fit my body 
  • Itchy Irritating Fabric: I wanted to take off the bra right away
  • Wire: Uncomfortable wire pressing against your skin

So I tried bralettes, but they didn't offer enough coverage for me. The elastic waistband was not comfortable. 

I also tried sports bras but they were so difficult to put on and take off. *Lululemon Sports Bras, I'm talking about you"!  It was an exercise to put on and take off the bra.

The Pros of our FAYVORI Wireless Bras:

  • Fits a range of sizes from 32A-36D
  • Lightweight, moisture wicking fabric
  • Removable pads that provide nipple coverage
  • Sits comfortably on the skin that you'll forget you're wearing a bra
  • Offers more coverage than a bralette 

The Cons of our FAYVORI Wireless Bras:

  • Do not lift your breasts or support them which may be an issue for larger breasts

Our Wireless Bras offer more coverage than a bralette but offers less support than a sports bra. For a size B cup, they fit perfectly! These are the only bras in my drawer. For those who have larger breasts, these are good to wear when working at home. 

If you have more questions, shoot me an email @ 

A comfortable bra shouldn't be hard to find!


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