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Valentine's Pop Up Event in Vancouver

Looking for things to do in February? Check out the hottest pop up event at Little Mountain Shop now until Feb 18 from 11am-6pm. 30 local Canadian brands are participating including us! You can try on our products at the shop and save on shipping! I know how important it is to some people to try on products before buying.  If you can't make it to this event, no worries! We will be partaking in 3 pop-up markets this year! Sign up for our emails for more information! 

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How Should I Wash My Bra?

I'm sure most people put all their clothes into the laundry machine. It requires little time and energy. We do want to give you a few tips to help you prolong the life of your bras.   Laundry Mesh Bag       It is best to place them in a laundry mesh bag first before you put them in the laundry machine. The laundry mesh bag will prevent other clothing from getting tangled or snagged on the bras. Also, you will never lose the removable pads again! Delicate Cycle      Choose the delicate cycle with minimal agitation and cold water. Hot water can break down the elastic and cause the fabric to stretch. If you accidentally wash the bra in...

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